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Yes, Bill Gates is still richer than you -- and everyone else

No surprise, Mark Zuckerberg also makes Forbes' annual list of the richest Americans.


They're worth $165.1 billion. 

Monica Schipper / Getty

Congratulations Bill Gates. You're a wealth triple threat.

The Microsoft co-founder topped Forbes magazine's annual state-by-state list of American moneybags, ranking as the richest man in his home state of Washington, as well as the country and the world. His total worth: a cool $88.9 billion.

Unsurprisingly, Silicon Valley types made more than cameo appearances on the who's who of fat cats. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg won first place in California with a worth of $62.4 billion, $7 billion more than Oracle's Larry Ellison. Zuck, at 33, was the youngest person on the list and the third wealthiest person in the country. (Nebraska's Warren Buffett, who's worth $76.2 billion from Berkshire Hathaway, was the country's second wealthiest individual at the state-by-state level.)

Charles Ergen, the co-founder of Dish, topped Colorado with a fortune of $18.8 billion. (Ergen's net worth grew faster than any other person on the list, according to Forbes, rising 41 percent from the previous year.) North Carolina's James Goodnight, a founder of business software maker SAS, was worth $10.1 billion. And Pierre Omidyar, a founder of eBay, was Hawaii's richest person and the state's sole billionaire with a net worth of $8.9 billion. 

The 52 folks (there were ties in two states) on the list had a combined worth of $747 billion. 

Whether the list will see a shakeup next year remains an open question. Washington state's Jeff Bezos -- you might remember him from such hits as and The Washington Post -- has a net worth of $83.3 billion. If Amazon shares continue their rise, he might over take Gates.

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