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Big win for Windows

Microsoft wins a major battle as an appeals court allows the bundling of Windows 95 and Internet Explorer. But its war is far from over.

Special coverage: Big win for Windows June 23, 1998
6:15 p.m. PT
Special coverage: Big win for Windows

Microsoft wins a major battle, but its war with antitrust regulators is far from over.

Injunction rejected
update A court lifts restrictions on the bundling of Windows 95 and Internet Explorer.

A symbolic victory?
news analysis The ruling is a victory for Microsoft--but may end up largely symbolic.

PC plans unchanged
The decision may not derail plans by computer makers to include Netscape's browser.

Stock soars on ruling
update Microsoft's stock price nears $100 on news of the appellate court victory.

Full text of decision
The judges provide copious analysis in overturning the lower court's injunction.

A long legal history
timeline Antitrust questions have dogged the company throughout the '90s.

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