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Big-screen, short-throw BenQ projector

It can cast a 74-inch presentation from 3 feet away.


Are you always straining your eyes at puny projections in meetings? Now you can go big-screen in style with BenQ's MP771 multimedia projector. The leather-clad light cannon is a jewel in tight quarters, capable of casting a generous 74-inch presentation from a mere 3-foot throw distance.

And it's bright, too, at 3,000 lumens. Designed for interactive whiteboards and even bare walls, the MP771 also features the latest Texas Instrument Brilliant Color technology and wall color correction function.

There's a catch, though. Since it has only a fixed zoom lens, wall space could be an issue. We're looking at a fixed whopping 148-inch projection for a typical wall-to-table setup. That said, the BenQ MP771 might still be a good solution given the right conditions, as long as the S$3,299 price tag ($2,392) isn't too high.

(Source: Crave Asia)