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Big-media investors couldn't save social site Uber

The "creative"-focused social site has closed down now that its venture backers--who include Universal Music Group and Discovery Communications--have declined to support it further.

Another one bites the dust:, a fledgling blog platform that was backed by Discovery Communications and Universal Music Group, shut its doors Friday. The reason? The investors pulled out.

"We have some bad news," a message on the Los Angeles-based company's home page read. "The crisis in the economy has claimed Uber as its latest victim. Our investors have decided to stop supporting Uber and we have closed the doors."

Uber had been co-founded by former Friendster CEO and NBC Entertainment president Scott Sassa, and had completed a $7.6 million series B venture round this spring that included money from the aforementioned investors as well as venture firm Sterling Stamos.

With a focus on editorial content centered on highbrow art and media, including a Huffington Post-like "Uber Index," and the slogan "it's easy to create better," it was tough to define Uber. Was it a blog platform? A social network? A discussion hub? The financial crisis didn't help, but the truth is that Uber had never really taken off in the first place.