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Big ideas, small tools

At the Intel Developer Forum this week, hyperthreading and nanotechnology have visionaries abuzz, but a standards debate has server makers frowning.

The future of secure processor technology is the focus of this year's Intel Developer Forum held in San Jose, Calif. Some hot topics: nanotechnology and the science of small, hyperthreading, wireless, networking, and a dual-core Itanium. Also: A standards debate has Intel-server makers frowning.
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Intel's got wireless in hand
David Coursey, AnchorDesk executive editor, ZDNet

Intel-server debate a pain for industry
The chip giant and ServerWorks, the chief maker of chipsets for Intel-based servers, can't agree on an important design issue--and that's bad news for HP, Dell and other server makers.
September 13, 2002

Nanowire or nanotube? Intel looks ahead
The company discloses a number of tech changes and research avenues that will direct future chip development. The nanotechnology era is here, and Intel is looking at all the options.
September 12, 2002

Intel sees cheaper, better optical nets
The chipmaker plans to make money off communications technology by lowering the cost and increasing the performance of optical networking.
September 11, 2002

PCs to be Intel's wedge into wireless
The company is set to release its first chips into the wireless market and plans to use its strength in the PC world to get a head start.
September 11, 2002

Intel sees dual-core Itanium by 2005
The company plans to cross an important technology threshold midway through the decade, squeezing two Itanium chips onto a single slice of silicon.
September 10, 2002

Windows makes a mark in server ranking
$4.6 million NEC server using Windows grabs high marks in a performance ranking traditionally dominated by machines running Unix.
September 9, 2002

Wireless the word for Intel
Outlining plans for future PCs and other devices, Intel hops on the wireless wagon, pushing the "killer app" many hope will revive the PC market.
September 10, 2002

Intel looks to performance, security
During his keynote, President Paul Otellini says "hyperthreading" will boost performance and a technology called LaGrande will keep a computer user's data secure.
September 9, 2002

Putting the Madison chip on parade
Unisys and NEC are expected to provide the first public demonstrations of "Madison," Intel's third-generation Itanium processor.
September 6, 2002

Nanotechnology plans soon unveiled
Executives will review some of Intel's previously announced strategies, but will also explore as-yet-unannounced plans in this area.
September 4, 2002

IBM chip fights power leaks
Scientists say they've made a working memory chip with double-gate transistors. That could mean longer-running notebooks and lower power costs for servers.
September 9, 2002

HP uses small tech for new circuit
Researchers have created a new kind of circuit so small that more than 1,000 of them can fit on the tip of a human hair.
September 9, 2002