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Big business, big sales?

RIM, Yahoo and Good Technology think corporate with server, messaging and e-mail software. Also: Microsoft builds up .Net with Content Management Server 2002.

Everyone wants a share of the corporate market. Handheld maker Research in Motion has tweaked its server software with IT departments in mind. Online giant Yahoo and handheld start-up Good Technology think corporate with their messaging and e-mail software. Also: Microsoft readies Content Management Server 2002, the latest product in its .Net Web services push.

RIM updates its server software
Research In Motion announces BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.5, designed to be easier for IT departments to use.
October 7, 2002

Yahoo heralds corporate messaging
The company unveils a version of its instant message service designed to work with corporate portals and business applications.
October 7, 2002

Good announces new software
The start-up handheld-software developer is also set to announce additional customers as it continues to target large businesses.
October 6, 2002

Microsoft readies new Web services tool
The software giant plans to add to its arsenal of Web services tools on Monday, when it officially unveils Content Management Server 2002.
October 7, 2002