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Big Blue's changing colors

IBM will look to the "crown jewels" of computer components, while it also pursues a myriad of set-top and online deals.



In its plan to focus more on PC parts, IBM will look to the "crown jewels" of computer components while pursuing a myriad of set-top and online deals.

"This fits into our overall push of pervasive computing."

- Nick Chakalos, marketing manager with IBM Microelectronics


IBM leans more on drives, displays
IBM's burgeoning storage operations will continue to drive its massive component business, while it looks to other "crown jewels" such as liquid crystal displays.

IBM's 570 ThinkPad due Monday
Big Blue will announce the long-awaited upgrade to the popular notebook line, although some resellers are already selling it for just over $4,000. hi...I need help......bad...

Integrated IBM chip could lower set-top costs
This summer, Big Blue is coming out with a chip that integrates functions such as video decoding, which ordinarily might come on their own silicon.

IBM, RealNetworks in online music deal
IBM enlists online multimedia company RealNetworks to help its bid to create a universal standard for sending music over the Internet.