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Bière et un film: Stella Artois and The Auteurs offer free classics

Sacré bleu! Stella Artois is offering seven classic films of the French New Wave to watch online completely free. Don your shades, spark a Gauloise, affect bored indifference, and enjoy

Mon dieu! Belgian falling-down merchant Stella Artois has teamed up with cinéphile social network The Auteurs to offer seven classics of La Nouvelle Vague for your online enjoyment, totalement gratuit.

From today, drinkers of le femme batteur, and anyone with an interest in French New Wave cinema, can watch seven free, full-length classics in the Recyclage de Luxe Online Film Festival at The New Wave was the Sixties movement that brought youthful energy and insouciant style to the austerity of post-war Europe. Stella is the premium lager that brings barmy energy and cock-eyed cack-handedness to post-closing time high streets.

The films begin today with Lola, a 1961 tale of a bewitching woman and her assorted suitors directed by Jacques Demy. That's followed by François Truffaut's semi-autobiographical The 400 Blows and Jules et Jim, then Jean-Luc Godard's Masculin Féminin and Vivre sa Vie.

Sunday is Chris Marker's La Jetée, the inspiration for Twelve Monkeys. The week rounds off with Alain Resnais' innovative love story Hiroshima mon Amour.

The free films are powered by The Auteurs -- not the arch '90s British band, but a social network named for the cineaste term for a visionary director. The site is built around classic and obscure films available to watch in high definition in your browser. Most cost £3, but some are free.

To watch the films, don your shades, spark a Gauloise and leap on your scooter to In the meantime, as un petit cadeau de Noël, Stella presents, live from 1963, Florence et La Machine singing Vous avez L'Amour...