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Bienvenido, Motorola Q2?

Rumors of a Motorola Q² start to surface on the Web.

What will be revealed at 3GSM? 3GSM

As some of you phone fanatics may know, the 3GSM World Congress is coming up soon in Barcelona, Spain (unfortunately, Crave won't be there in person sipping on Spanish wine along Las Ramblas, err, I mean, to cover the event). The annual conference brings together the cell phone industry to discuss and showcase the latest 3G technologies and developments, and in recent years, it has also served as backdrop to some pretty cool product announcements. Now, based on some blogosphere rumblings, it looks like this year won't be any different. According to Engadget Mobile, Motorola is prepping to announce a GSM/EDGE Q (finally), and more interesting, a 3G-capable (HSDPA and EV-DO) product, dubbed the Motorola Q2. Other than that, details are pretty sparse, but we'll definitely be keeping our eye out when 3GSM commences on February 12.