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Bieber squeaks past Gaga with most Twitter followers

Justin Bieber has won over 33.38 million followers on Twitter, narrowly beating Lady Gaga with 33.36 million, says Twitter Counter.

Justin Bieber's Twitter page Screenshot by CNET

Justin Bieber has wowed his way to the top of the Twitter ranks.

The teen singer now has the highest number of followers in the Twittersphere, according to data from Web site Twitter Counter. Wooing 33.38 million fans to follow his every tweet, Bieber has shot past fellow singer Lady Gaga with 33.36 million followers.

Gaga's reign as the queen of Twitter lasted two and a half years, a spokesman for Twitter Counter told Reuters yesterday.

Bieber is also high on the list for the sheer number of tweets posted at 20,545 so far, an average of 11 per day.

Which other public figures are tops in terms of Twitter love?

Singer Katy Perry took third place with 31.5 million followers, followed by Rihanna with 27.9 million. President Barack Obama won the fifth spot with 26.2 million, while Britney Spears dropped to sixth place with 23.3 million.

Other Twitter accounts with huge followings include Taylor Swift, YouTube, Shakira, and Kim Kardashian.

Twitter Counter provides stats of Twitter usage and tracks over 80 million accounts. The site refreshes its ranks each day, so tomorrow could always see Lady Gaga scratch her way back to the top.