<b>Hard Disk ToolKit 2.5 is out

Hard Disk ToolKit 2.5 is out

As predicted previously:

FWB Software has released Hard Disk ToolKit 2.5. "This upgrade has undergone extensive testing to ensure compatibility and peak performance with Apple's new system software update, Mac OS 8. With the 'Multithreading' capability of Mac OS 8, users will now be able to use Hard Disk ToolKit 2.5 to format drives in the background while they continue using their Macintosh for other tasks." It also features a bootable CD and PCMCIA support.

The MSRP for Hard Disk ToolKit 2.5 is $199. All current owners of Hard Disk ToolKit 2.0 or later can upgrade to the new version for $29. Owners of Hard Disk ToolKit versions earlier than 2.0 may upgrade for $49. To upgrade, call the FWB Upgrade Center at 800-581-4392.