<b>Good news: POWERtools ships Mac OS 8;<br>

Good news: POWERtools ships Mac OS 8;

Bad news: Other companies' support for Mac may be faltering POWERtools will be the first Mac OS clone to ship Mac OS 8.0. "Beginning on September 8, 1997, POWERtools will include Mac OS 8.0 with every infiniti T2 Mac OS clone that it ships."

Regarding the more general issue of the future of Mac clones, Victor Wong (of POWERtools) states: "POWERtools still retains every single license that it had when it started. We are still shipping, we are still developing new systems, and our contract says that we have at least four more years to do so. We're already planning our New Years Party for the year 2000. Apple has said that Mac OS licensing is not over, it just has to be different. This is a game and the rules change from time to time. It may not always be fair, but you have to change with it. You cannot fight against the ocean tides, but you can learn to swim with dignity. We've got our swimming shorts on."

For a less optimistic appraisal, check Ric Ford's MacInTouch page today. Aside from its continuing coverage of the fallout from Apple's deal with Power Computing, it notes rumors that HP may discontinue marketing any Mac compatible printers and that Motorola may "halt all further design and development work on PowerPC microprocessors for Apple." Both companies purportedly made these decisions in reaction to conversations with Steve Jobs. I hope none of this is true.