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<b>G3 Mac miscellany

G3 Mac miscellany

Install software irritations W. Warner reports that the Mac OS 8 CD included with the new G3 Macs has a new "feature": He could no longer launch the separate Installers for the different software on the CD. He was forced to access them from the Install Mac OS 8 front end application. He also adds that "if you select Add/Remove to install just one item, it automatically runs the companion G3 script which installs everything unique to the G3." I have not seen these issues confirmed elsewhere but, if true, they certainly make the installation software less convenient.

G3 and QuickTake problem? John Maple writes: "I have a G3 266 Tower and a QuickTake 200. I've turned off all my extensions except what QuickTake 200 needs and every time I try to download pictures from the camera, my system bombs."

G3 praise Not everyone writes to tell me of their problems with the new G3 Macs. Sometimes I get good news. For example, Mike Kaiser writes: "My G3 Mac is easily the best Macintosh I have owned and/or used. It has not crashed once in 3 weeks, it starts up in about 30 seconds, it launches Microsoft Word and Excel in less than 2 seconds apiece and it's easily the most trouble-free Mac I have owned. I have not experienced a single problem with it."

G3 page updated Our Troubleshooting G3 Macs page has been updated with information from the past week.