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<b>G3 Mac issues

G3 Mac issues

Adjusting clock speeds on G3 Macs As I understand it, bus clock and PCI clock speeds on the new G3 Macs are set by jumpers on the logic board, rather than by jumpers (or dip switches) on the CPU card (as exist on my Newer 604e CPU card). A web page offers some details as to how to do this. However, Apple is not really anxious to have you make these changes. As noted on the web page: "The jumpers are 'sealed' under a label and if this label is removed no Apple Authorized Service provider will repair that Power Mac G3 even if the problem or issue is non- motherboard related!" It is rumored that this is part of an Apple strategy to back away from the easy upgradable of most other PCI Macs - which is viewed as hurting Apple sales as users buy third-party upgrade cards in preference to buying a new Mac [A MacWEEK column by Henry Norr explores this issue].

G3 PowerBooks A new Apple TIL file reprints the Read Me file for the G3 PowerBooks. It includes several "Important Information" items. For example, it notes that if you put the PowerBook to sleep when booting from a DiskTools floppy disk, the PowerBook will likely crash when you try to wake it up. It also notes that the G3 PowerBook includes a special version of Mac OS 8. It is not compatible with the standard version of OS 8.

G3 Macs and monitor shut off Regarding Apple's assertion that Monitors attached to G3 Macs do not shut off when you shut off the Mac itself, several readers noted that, contrary to what Apple stated, their monitors do indeed shut off. The resolution of this discrepancy may be that Apple states the problem occurs with G3 Macs that have "Outrigger and K1 enclosures." I am not sure what this means exactly, but I suspect it refers to the Minitower design. Also, some readers claim that most AppleVision monitors will shut off correctly in any case, because of shut off controls in the monitor itself.

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