<b>From Apple: Apple Spec 2-98, online manuals, Open Transport 1.3.1 and another Mac OS 8.1 sound issue

From Apple: Apple Spec 2-98, online manuals, Open Transport 1.3.1 and another Mac OS 8.1 sound issue

Apple Spec 2-98 has been posted. This is the latest update to Apple's FileMaker Pro file listing the specs for all of Apple's hardware products. While it is generally useful, Shiro Wilde took a look and discovered numerous minor errors, including fields left blank. For example: for the PowerBook G3, the processor field is blank (should be G3) and the processor speed field is blank (should be 250 MHz).

Apple has also recently posted Acrobat PDF format versions of manuals for almost all of its products. However, as pointed out by Shiro Wilde: "The filenames are very cryptic, and are named with the product codes (for the manuals, not the machines they refer to) as the prefix, but it's still possible to find manuals for individual machines. They cover all the current Power Macs, and most of the obsolete Power Macs and Performas of the past. Once again, Apple has mentioned a non-shipping product on page 1 of a file for G3 Minitowers. They mention the G3 Minitower is available with a 275MHz Processor with 79 MHz bus."

Apple has released an Open Transport 1.3.1 update. However, don't rush to get it. You may not need it. All it does is fix the problem that caused programs such as Conflict Catcher to report that the files were damaged (even though they were in fact not damaged). If you do not have this problem, the update does nothing at all.

A new Apple TIL files discusses yet another sound related problem with Mac OS 8.1. In this cases it involves Speech Recognition 1.5.1:

1. The new Sound & Monitors control panel (v1.3.2), provided with Mac OS 8.1, does not offer an option for "Microphone" as the Sound Input source. If "Sound In" is selected as the input source, you will get the following message when activating Speakable Items: "Warning. The sound input source is 'Sound In,' not the standard microphone, so speech recognition might not work or might not work well." You will also get this error on startup if Speakable Items is active on startup.

2. Selecting "Sound In" allows you to input commands into Speakable Items but you will hear yourself through the speakers. This makes it difficult to input commands into Speakable Items because of all the background noise. The only workaround is to mute the computer speakers. However, if you mute the speakers, you cannot hear the computer when you have the "Speak text feedback" option selected in the Speech control panel.

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