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<b>Flash! Xclaim VR 2.0.1 software online!<br>

Flash! Xclaim VR 2.0.1 software online!

ATI charging for Xclaim VR update? (Not any more!) While some readers reported receiving a free copy of the new ATI Xclaim VR drivers (and the Weekend Warrior CD), others have been told that they need to send in $10 to get a copy. There is also still no sign of these drivers on their web site, despite assurances that were given to me (and others) that they intended to do so. Of course, ATI has (on other occasions) claimed that it does not intend post the files to their web site.

Update: The ATI Xclaim VR 2.0.1 software is online as of today. You get it at ATI's ftp site or web site. (Thanks to the numerous alert readers who let me know!)