<b>FaxSTF 3.2.5 Update has problems

FaxSTF 3.2.5 Update has problems


STF has released a bug-fix 3.2.5 update to FaxSTF. This may be especially notable for PowerBook 3400 users, since this model ships with FaxSTF as its fax software.

However, Brian McCarty wrote that the Installer failed to work when updating his version 3.2.3. It looked for a file called FaxMenu, which he says it could not find, and then halted the installation.

Update: Rob Costain notes: "The download page for the updater states that it only works with the full version of FaxSTF. FaxSTF states that the updater is not for bundled versions of the software. I take that to include Powerbook 3400 owners."

However, Ken Goff writes: "I encountered the same problem when first trying to install this update to 3.2.5. The problem was running an extension set that had disabled FaxSTF extensions. The solution was to restart with these FaxSTF extensions enabled and ready for faxing." Similarly, John Love confirms that the FaxMenu control panel indeed exists for version 3.2.3. He suspects that Brian disabled it or trashed it. However, Richard Johnson now contends it is indeed missing. I will have to check on this myself and report back next time!

Ed Fuller succeeded in updating his version 3.2.2, but then started getting Type 1 or Type 3 crashes whenever he accessed "Fax Settings." He spoke to STF tech support, and they told him that the updater is not compatible with 3.2.2. As a result, they are sending him 3.2.5 on floppy disks at no charge.

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