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Beyonce's 'Lemonade': An emotional roller coaster in GIFs

The HBO special "Lemonade" proved to be an intense trip though Beyonce's life. Let's review it in GIF's, shall we? (Warning: strong language ahead.)


Beyonce changed the definition of lemonade from a sugary drink to the most epic album drop of all time on Saturday night.

"Lemonade," the title of Beyonce's sixth studio album and corresponding HBO special, turned out to be a stunning tour through the personal trials, tribulations and triumphs of Beyonce Knowles Carter.

In the span of an hour, she simultaneously lit her husband Jay-Z's dirty laundry on fire, reconciled her embedded insecurities from her father and created a black female power anthem, leaving the collective Beyhive's jaws on the floor. Then she surprise-released the full visual album and tracks exclusively on Tidal, Jay-Z's music platform, for the final mic drop.

We're ready for the deep dive, Bey. Get it in GIFs on CNET sister site TV Guide.