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Beyonce gives YouTube another splash of 'Lemonade'

"All Night" is the latest song from Beyonce's visual album to land as a standalone video on YouTube.

In case you haven't yet seen "Lemonade," the "visual album" Beyonce released earlier this year, the very last portion of it has been released as a music video for the song "All Night" on YouTube.

The video starts with spoken word poetry and then segues into home video of her great-grandmother's birthday party before launching into the actual song. While it seems a bit disjointed as a stand alone music video, it all makes more sense within the entire context of "Lemonade."

"Lemonade" (the visual album, also referred to as a music film) is still only available to stream on Tidal (you can download it if you buy the album. But if you have no plans to sign up for Tidal any time soon, this might be the closest you get to watching it at all. But really, "Lemonade" is great and it's on almost every end of the year "Best of" list.