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<b>Eudora Pro 4.0, Appearance, and System file &quot;damage&quot;: a follow-up

Eudora Pro 4.0, Appearance, and System file &quot;damage&quot;: a follow-up

Several readers confirmed our report last time of a link between Appearance 1.0.2 and System file damage error messages.

Not sure exactly what this means, but... Jay Farrell found an "odd font icon in the System suitcase named .Keyboard." He found a similarly named FOND resource in the Appearance Extension. When he deleted this resource from Appearance and rebooted, the System suitcase error message no longer occurred.

Several readers noted that a supposedly damaged System file can likely still be opened if it (or a duplicate) is dragged out of the System Folder.

Update: Kurt Kroeger claims that the .Keyboard resource originates with the chat program, Ircle.

However, Jay replies that he has never used Ircle. Further: "When I disable Appearance and reboot, the System suitcase is normal. Re-enable it and reboot and .Keyboard reappears. Although I was only able open the System suitcase and see the icon directly a couple times, the other times I was able to see it in the old Norton KeyFinder's font menu; it doesn't appear in other apps' font menus. It never appears without Appearance active, and has exactly the same name as the aforementioned FOND resource from Appearance."