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Better than a barrel of monkeys

Getting monkey bread just right can take a lot of work--most pans just aren't right for it. The Monkey Bread Baker, however, can turn out perfect monkey bread.

Good monkey bread is a pile of warm pastry, with carmelized edges that are perfectly sweet and crunchy. Most people use a Bundt pan, because monkey bread climbs up the side of a pan as it bakes. But with many metal pans, you won't get perfectly carmelized edges--instead, you can wind up with tough bits of bread that just aren't as good. The Monkey Bread Baker, however, is designed specially for baking monkey bread. Rather than making another metal pan, the designer of the Monkey Bread Baker used glazed clay to make for more even heating, while keeping the traditional design of a tube pan. The material also makes it much easier to slide loaves out of the pan--an absolute must when you're talking about a treat judged on just how sticky a mess you can make while eating it. The Monkey Bread Baker is even dishwasher safe, making clean up much easier. The pan is 5.75 inches tall and 8.25 inches wide and is priced at $29.99. The Monkey Bread Baker comes with recipes of its own, making it easier to take full advantage of the pan's ability to carmelize, even with your own recipes.

The Monkey Bread Baker Walter Drake