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Best TV deals for Black Friday

So are any of the TVs listed in those crazy Black Friday ads any good? Glad you asked.

One of the few Black Friday TVs we've actually reviewed and liked, this 70-inch Vizio will be 60 percent off. Sarah Tew/CNET

A TV bought on Black Friday, especially at a classic "doorbuster" sale, had better be as cheap as possible. But you shouldn't regret buying it.

That's the philosophy I espoused in compiling the list below. I combed the major circulars, courtesy of, and found the cheapest TVs I'd actually recommend someone buy.

With a couple of exceptions they're very different from the TVs I generally recommend. I strongly believe that it's worth spending more, within reason, to get better picture quality.

But it's Black Friday time, and TV shoppers everywhere are expecting the best deals. For the most part they won't find them among the best TVs -- the TVs on sale in a couple of days will largely be bottom feeders, slashed in price to get you in the door. With the list below, I'm trying to find the delicious lobsters among all that mediocre flounder.

Shopping notes
Most of the TVs listed above are in-store only as far as I know, and typically only begin to be available Black Friday (or earlier; Best Buy's and Walmart's sales begin at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving). Check out the circulars for Walmart, Best Buy, and Target for details.

The exception is Amazon. The Amazon prices listed should appear sometime between now and Black Friday on the Deals Week page -- we just don't know when. If you want them, either subscribe to the daily deals e-mail (and pounce once it's delivered) or simply sit at the site, refreshing your browser.

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