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Best technology of 2008

As the year draws to a close, we take a look back at some of our favourite gadgets and goodies from 2008.

As the last hours of 2008 slowly tick over, the editors at CNET Australia take a nostalgic look back at some of the top gadgets, toys and bits of technology from the year.

2008: The best televisions
Rapid change in the technology world often has the biggest ramification on televisions, and 2008 saw some seismic shifts occur. Prices fell across product ranges, LED backlighting emerged, and so did the over-hyped, underdone 100Hz technology.
Best mobile phones of 2008
2008 won't be remembered as a year of innovations in mobile phones, but more as a year of refinement. Touchscreen smartphones and built-in GPS receivers became prolific, must-have elements in high-end devices.
Best digital cameras of 2008
In terms of sheer innovation, 2008 was the year to sit up and take notice of the digital photography category. From the breakthrough first steps of the micro four thirds system to the convergence of video and still cameras, this year had it all.
Our favourite laptops of 2008
This year saw a minor shake up for the laptop industry. The Atom-powered notebook, improved MacBook graphics and the rise of Gigabit Ethernet and wireless N were the big ticket items this year.
Best GPS features of 2008
As far as portable GPS units go, 2008 saw prices fall while features fortunately went in the other direction.