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Best smartphone cameras

CNET ranks the best five smartphones for taking your Instagrams to the next level.

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Let's admit it. Our smartphones are fast enough. I don't think cramming any more processor cores in there is going to do much good.

That's why the current trend of smartphones with high quality cameras has me excited. Sure, half of what's being thrown around out there is overhyped pixel count nonsense, but the overall push to take smartphone photography to the next level is a good thing for everyone.

So to cut through the hype and get a real, informed opinion on what smartphones out there are using the best cameras, I asked CNET Senior Editor Jessica Dolcourt to help me put together this list.

Bear in mind that this list isn't ranking the best smartphones, it's ordered by camera quality. Fight all you want about Android versus Windows Phone versus iOS -- we're just looking at camera and image quality here.


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