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Best Samsung monitors

Samsung consistently makes some of the best monitors on the planet. Here are the best of the best.

The Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 doesn't disappoint much with its extreme high-definition resolution, stellar performance, and stylish design. James Martin/CNET

If there's one monitor vendor I can always count on to get me excited about the monitor category -- something admittedly difficult to get too worked up about -- it's Samsung.

Of course, not every Samsung monitor turns out great, but, for my money, the company has, year after year, created great reasons to get excited about the category.

No other monitor vendor has consistently created such aesthetically stylish monitors that at the same time push the envelope in terms of performance and unique features.

Of the Samsung displays previously put through CNET's testing abattoir, these recent models emerged as the best.

In the words of Larry David, the T27B750 is pretty, pretty, pretty good when it comes to movies, but not great in comparison with its predecessors. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung SyncMaster T27B750ND
The 27-inch Samsung SyncMaster T27B750 is a pretty average, good-looking monitor with many useful features and decent performance. It offers wireless connection to its useful media portal, Smart Hub, and has a vast array of connections, despite missing DVI or DisplayPort options. Read the full review.

The S23A750D started out a bit expensive but has since dropped to a more reasonable price. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung SyncMaster S23A750D
The S23A750D puts the "master" in SyncMaster when it comes to movie and game performance since both look incredible on the 23-inch screen. The OSD can be a bit frustrating to navigate, and the 3D performance falls flat, but for the price, the screen's stellar performance is worth the downsides. Read the full review.

The S27A850D monitor has some great ergonomic features to enhance this professional monitor. Samsung

Samsung SyncMaster S27A850D
The Samsung SyncMaster S27A850D is an overall solid monitor with great performance, a large variety of connections, and many ergonomic options. The 27-incher lacks a few OSD configuration details and an HDMI port, but otherwise is a well-designed, high-performing monitor with great options. Read the full review.

The S27B970 has a clean aesthetic with smooth rounded corners and a glossy screen. James Martin/CNET

Samsung SyncMaster S27B970
If you're looking for a monitor with high performance, design, and price, then the 27-inch Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 is the monitor for you. Samsung's first consumer PLS display sports a 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution with incredible performance and design, minus a major oversight that makes removing the DisplayPort cable unnecessarily difficult. If you can pay the price, the S27B970 is an excellent choice. Read the full review.

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