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Best of SXSW: These New Puritans

Best of SXSW: These New Puritans

These New Puritans - one of 1,600 bands here at SXSW this year.

Here's a live shot of These New Puritans at Emo's in Austin, Texas today (March 12th) for the Terrorbird day party. They were so good that we have selected them for our Best of SXSW feature (coming soon), which will feature all of the great bands we see this week. For now check out our free playlists and SXSW 2008 Pre-Party. Here's the Download Music review of These New Puritans:

"In '08, the Arctic Monkeys are practically pensioners. Time for a new round of smart-aleck young Brits! These New Puritans smartly fit the bill of Latest Mojo Favorites, pounding out a neo-post-punk distinguished by deeper rhythms and a darker lyricism."

Listen to: These New Puritans