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Best of SXSW: AA Bondy

Best of SXSW: AA Bondy

AA Bondy live at SXSW

He's from upstate New York, but he fits right in here in Austin, Texas with his could-be-from-the-south songwriter style. This is a live shot of AA Bondy at the Creekside Lounge on Wednesday. There was a drunk heckler in the crowd who claimed he was "feelin' it" but his sincerity was questionable. Other fans (like myself) kept our comments to ourselves and quietly enjoyed his heartfelt performance, which was nice mellow break from all the chaos and "butt rock" blaring nearby on 6th street.

We've selected AA Bondy for our Best of SXSW feature, which will feature all of the best bands we see this week (coming soon). For now enjoy our free playlists and SXSW 2008 Pre-Party. Here's the Download Music review of AA Bondy:

"Bondy's "American Hearts" record is upstate alt-folk at its most wistful and, well, bighearted. Summoning the studio ghosts of the great '60s Dylan and Band sessions cut in those hills, Bondy winds up somewhere between the reedy Neil Young and the scuffed Jeff Tweedy."

Listen to a free MP3 by AA Bondy