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Best of E3 2011: Where are they now?

Some of our favorites from last year's E3 have been released, others are missing in action.

The collection of games and gear on display at E3 2011 was among the best we'd ever seen. The Nintendo Wii Uand PlayStation Vita offered hot new hardware, while games such as Skyrim and BioShock Infinite made for an especially strong software lineup.

One year later, the things we called out as the best of E3 2011fall into a couple of categories.

Some made their expected release dates (and several were huge hits); some are making yet another appearance this year, either as originally planned or because of delays; and some have seemingly vanished from the radar, and it may be some time before we see them again.

We've taken our top 20 favorites from last year and given each a succinct report card or update, and we'll be taking bets on which ones will slip further and show up at E3 2013 as well.

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