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Best new music: Common, Liars, and Porter Wagoner

The crew at Download Music looks you straight in the eye and tell you what's so great about each of these artists.

It's a funny thing, television: no matter how many of our friends claim they'd rather read than watch, it turns out that most really do. Watch, I mean. At least, that's how it is with our weekly Download Music video report--the one where we sit in front of the cameras and ramble on about what we've been listening to lately. OK, we don't really ramble too much--the show's pretty short--but it is a chance for us to pass along tips on songs and albums that have been grabbing us lately. Personal favorites, and that's the good stuff, right? This week, Mike, Anngie, and I play songs from and talk about hip-hop star Common, electronic duo the Liars, and country music legend Porter Wagoner. Watch our current show (produced and presented as always by our good friends at CNET TV); browse past episodes; and if you're craving more, check out hundreds more music videos as well.