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Best mobile games showcased in video

Like mobile games? GameSpot UK has deduced the best three gaming apps, as part of its ace Appetite for Distraction series. Read on.

Apps, we love 'em. And so do our muscly-thumbed buddies over at GameSpot UK, who love apps so much they've dedicated an entire show to the blighters. Appetite for Distraction is a weekly extravaganza of mobile gaming goodness, with this week's show listing three mobiles games you can't afford to miss.

First up is Machinarium for the iPad, a moody masterpiece that sees you playing an adorable lovestruck robot navigating a puzzle-filled point-and-click robot city. Great music, great visuals, download it right now.

What's that? You prefer Android to iOS? Have no fear Sir, you need to download Rocketron: The Travelling Planet. You play as a planet, who must navigate a peculiar universe packed with spikes and other bad stuff. Tapping the screen switches the game's gravity, alternating which of two on-screen platforms you're stuck to.

It's pretty difficult, and it looks a bit naff, but it's a rewarding experience nonetheless. Go get it.

Finally, Crimson: Steam Pirates for the iPad is a top-down naval affair, drenched in steampunk atmosphere. Your job is to undertake missions, that mostly involve blowing up other boats. They were all guilty of something, probably.

Controls are simple, and combat is engaging. Go download it ye scurvy rumpuncheon.

Don't forget to check out Appetite for Distraction every week -- you can watch it by clicking this glowing blue text right here, and by all means let GameSpot UK know what you think of it on their Facebook page.