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Best iPhone and iPad apps of 2013

Looking for the best apps available for your iOS device? We've rounded up the finest around, including free and paid for apps.

Apple's App Store is one of the biggest success stories of the iOS operating system and there are now over a million apps available for download.

With hundreds, if not thousands of apps, released every month, it can be tricky to find the real gems hidden among the deluge of releases. Fear not, because we've rounded up our favourite apps and games that put in an appearance in 2013, to provide you with a list of top quality titles to download for your iOS device.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 

Modern Combat 4 is essentially a mobile take on the Modern Warfare series of console games. This fourth version is by far the best, with sumptuous graphics, a suitably ludicrous back-story and surprisingly capable controls. If you're looking for a good quality first person shooter to play on your iPhone or iPad, this is the game to get.

Get it now for £5 from the App Store.


Cubasis is the cut down version of Steinberg's Cubase audio and midi sequencer. It supports unlimited tracks and has plenty of built-in synths, drum machines and audio samples, so it offers a great way to sketch out tracks before importing them into Cubase on your PC. The price is high, but for those who use Cubase as their main sequencer package, Cubasis is worth the hefty outlay.

Get it now for £35 from the App Store.


The last version of Fifa was already perhaps the best sports game you could get for your iPhone or iPad, but with this update EA has made it even better. It's bigger than before, as there are more licensed teams, leagues and players, and the controls have been refined too, making it easier to show off your skills. The graphics are beautiful, with high frame-rates and crowds that cheer you on with chants and footy songs.

Get it now for free from the App Store.


Like many of the best iOS apps, Dubble takes a very simple idea and executes it to perfection. It's a photo sharing service with a difference, as it takes a photo you've uploaded and mixes it with one from another randomly chosen stranger to create a new image. Often the results are strikingly beautiful and you can easily share them via services such as Instagram.

Get it now for free from the App Store.

My Muppets Show

My Muppets Show is a simulation and music game aimed at children. It lets your child take on a managerial role where they have to recruit and reunite the all-star cast and coax them into putting on the best show ever. Along the way there are extra tasks to perform, such as clearing the stage of rubbish and building concession stands to keep the hungry Muppets happy and performing at their best.

Get it now for free from the App Store.


The original Djay was already the best DJing app on iOS, but the developers have managed to improve on it with this update. It's been rewritten from the ground up for better performance and also has a number of new features such as the handy waveform view, a built-in sampler and the great looking virtual-vinyl screen.

Get it now for £7 from the App Store.

Google Play Music

It took a while, but Google has finally released a dedicated Play Music app for iOS. It allows you to access Google's paid for music service, but perhaps more importantly you can use it to store your own music on Google's cloud service for free, so you can access it from pretty much any devices at any time. You can store up to 20,000 tracks, so all but the largest libraries are supported.

Get it now for free from the App Store.

Where’s My Water 2

This offers more of the same great puzzle gameplay from the original game, but adds new challenges, including themed ducks to collect through achievements and over 100 levels to solve. In most respects it's a fun and worthy sequel to the original, but be warned that the game's freemium model is annoying.

Get it now for free from the App Store.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 delivers the most realistic racing experience available on a touch-screen device. Everything from the car models and textures, to the lifelike physics as you speed around real-world tracks, fully immerses you in the racing experience. Its freemium model is slightly intrusive, but it still holds the crown as the best touchscreen racing game.

Get it now for free from the App Store.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone

It's been available for the iPad for a while, but Adobe only got around to producing an iPhone version towards the middle of this year. Creating a decent photo editor on a small screen is no mean feat, but despite a few cracked eggs, Adobe has got many of the ingredients here right. So, if you're looking for something beyond simple photo retouching and filtering for your late-model phone, Photoshop Touch hits the mark.

Get it now for £3 from the App Store.

Infinity Blade III

Its game play formula hasn’t changed much -- you still do an awful lot of swiping and tapping on the screen as you take down jumbo-sized baddies -- but this update has even more sumptuous graphics and tonnes more content than the previous games. It's also the ideal title for showing off your new iPad Air.

Get it now for £5 from the App Store.


Mailbox is an alternative email app for people who use Google's Gmail service. It has a minimalist interface, lets you file away messages to revisit later, and makes organising emails swift and seamless. If you want an uncluttered, low-maintenance email client that will help keep your inbox organised and empty, Mailbox is the app for you.

Get it now for free from the App Store.

Mr Potato Head Create & Play

Kids will love this digital update of the child's toy, as Mr Potato Head is surprisingly addictive in the way it lets you create and customise your spud using over 200 mix-and-match parts. Once you've built your own unique creation you can take him on spud-tacular interactive adventures or just capture pictures to share with friends.

Get it now for £2.49 from the App Store.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

The first Angry Birds Star Wars game was a smash hit and this sequel ups the ante by adding new characters from the prequel movies, such as the younger Obi-Wan, Padme and Anakin, along with dark-side characters like General Grievous, Count Dooku, and Darth Maul. The classic slingshot play mechanics haven’t changed much, but this game is just as addictive as ever, and is still a great download for all ages.

Buy it for 69p from the App Store.


Badland was a worthy winner of an Apple design award, as its graphics are not just original, but also beautiful to look at. Imagine Rayman as a shadow-puppet show and you'll be pretty close to how good this game looks on a retina display. The gameplay is simple -- you guide a weird looking puff ball through an obstacle-filled landscape -- but it's very engaging and addictive.

Get it now for £2.49 from the App Store.

Device 6

Device 6 is brilliantly original and quite difficult to describe. In a way it's a strange combination of a novel and a room-escape puzzle, but it executes its concept so masterfully that it adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. It doesn’t take all that long to play, but once completed it sticks in the mind for some time after.

Get it now for £2.49 from the App Store.

Google Maps

Apple's Maps app just isn’t up to scratch, so every iOS user should have Google Maps installed on their device. Google Maps for iOS has a brilliant interface, supports turn-by-turn navigation and also has the company's excellent Street View feature. Simply put, with this app Google has set the standard for what mobile navigation should be.

Get it now for free from the App Store.

Moves 2.0

Moves 2.0 is one of the first apps to make use of the iPhone 5S' M7 motion processor. At its simplest the app is an activity tracker that can log activities such as walking, running and cycling and then present a record of them to you via its futuristic looking user interface. And thanks to the M7 processor it's able to do this using as little battery power as possible.

Get it now for £1.49 from the App Store.


It may be a rip off of Zelda, and it's far from the cheapest game on the App Store, but Oceanhorn is still a must have thanks to its mix of sumptuous graphics, engaging narrative and quality gameplay. It's not quite as good as the game it draws its influence from, but it comes pretty close.

Get it now for £6 from the App Store.

Tweetbot 3

If you're a Twitter user, but aren't overly keen on the official client it's well worth trying Tweetbot 3. Thanks to its well-polished interface and rich feature set it makes browsing your timeline a lot of fun. This latest update of the app has been redesigned to look better under iOS 7, and includes gesture-based browsing for your timeline, customisable buttons, and tons more useful features.

Get it now for £2 from the App Store.