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The Google Home Hub hits an all-time-low at $68

Sure, there's a newer, bigger Hub now, but assuming you don't need (or want) a camera, this is an incredible deal.


Good news, Father's Day gift shoppers! The Google Home Hub is on sale again -- and for the lowest price in its rather brief history.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Altatac (via Rakuten) has the Google Home Hub for $67.99 when you apply promo code ALT12 at checkout. Note that you need to have a Rakuten account (free) to make this purchase.

The Home Hub originally sold for $149, but back in March it started showing up for around $80, and ever since it keeps trickling down a buck or two. I keep thinking it can't possibly go any lower, but here we are. 

The Home Hub takes the Google Home smart speaker and adds a 7-inch touchscreen. That opens the door to things like guided recipes, song lyrics, appointment calendars and so on -- all the same stuff your phone or tablet can do, but on something that's a permanent fixture in, say, your kitchen.

There's no camera, so you can't use it for video calling the way you can an Amazon Echo Show or Facebook Portal. (Some people might find that preferable, though, in light of recent privacy concerns.) Google does offer a smart assistant with a camera, the new Nest Hub Max, but it's $230.

Read CNET's Google Home Hub review to learn more. Verdict: Top marks, even if the audio quality doesn't quite rival some screenless smart speakers. Likewise, over at Best Buy, it has an impressive 4.6-star review average from over 2,300 buyers.

At $150, this might have seemed a little extravagant. But at $68? Yes, please!

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Originally published on March 29.
Update, May 21: Republished as deal hit a lower price.

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