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Best DeLorean repossession of all time

Car's owner, a Michael Jackson impersonator, even tells the repo guy to "Beat It"!

One of the most enduring images of the '80s is also one of the decade's most notable gadgets: the DeLorean. Not just because Doc Brown turned one into an iconic time machine, but because there were some amazing and high-tech design elements throughout the machines, like the gull-wing doors, fiberglass and stainless steel construction, and Flux Capacitor.

All kidding aside, they're fantastic cars, yet still fairly expensive. One young man, due to the current recession, no doubt, had trouble paying for his DeLorean. So a team was sent to repossess it. Of course, a reality TV show crew from TruTv's "Operation Repo" was there to document the event. What nobody expected was that the young man who purchased the car was an insane Michael Jackson impersonator.

The fun in this video really starts at 1:50 and just keeps getting more crazy, including a Jacko-Fu kick to the repo man's undercarriage.

I feel bad for the guy and hopes he finds a way to pay for his awesome ride. I recently had a short trip in one of these cars and, if I had the extra cash, I'd be driving one myself.

(Yes, yes, we know "Operation Repo" consists of scripted--and no doubt sometimes embellished--re-enactments of actual repossessions. That said, we're just happy this video happened and like writing about DeLoreans.)