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Best cat iPhone apps

Nothing can stop felines' meteoric rise to digital stardom. Join us as we review the six greatest cat-based iPhone apps of all time!

As loyal denizens of the Internet we don't have to tell you that the digital age has been a golden time for the feline race. With the advent of lolcats we've seen our furry companions hoisted high upon our shoulders and championed as heroes of the Interweb -- whether pawing at an iPad or riding high on a Roomba, their zany antics capture a youthful exuberance that has long since departed our own dried-up, crusty souls.

No corner of the digital world is safe from cat-mania, and the iPhone is no exception. Indeed, its portable, quirky interface is the perfect vessel for cat-based magic. Join us as we take you through some of the finest cat-based applications ever to grace the iPhone's lovely screen...

We think it'll leave you feline just great.

Download links for featured apps:

Kitty! Annoy your cat!


Cat Piano

Simon's Cat in 'Purrfect Pitch'

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat!


This is Kitty! (Yes, that exclamation mark is mandatory.)

Kitty serves as a tool for winding up your cat. That's right -- simply choose one or more of the cat-related sound effects and watch your cat go mental as it tries to locate the source of the sound.

We particularly like the 'opening cat-food tin' sound effect, and the 'cat fight' audio is bound to get your kitty's hackles raised. We also love that this app comes with the following disclaimer: "Your cat may have extreme reactions to the sounds and become hostile or stressed-out upon use. With that being said, we recommend responsible use of Kitty!"

Plus -- it's free!


Any self-respecting Internet patron knows (and loves) the incredible icanhascheezburger blog. Great news: there's an official iPhone app! Worse news: it doesn't seem to be available from the UK app store. iCanHasLOL is the next best thing -- aggregating lolcats from the icanhascheezburger front page. Sadly video doesn't work on this app, but on the plus side, it won't cost you a penny.

Cat Piano

Sure, we all enjoy the sound of regular old pianos, but the keys sound so... un-catlike. Cat Piano fixes this age-old problem by replacing normal piano keytones with a broad selection of cat sounds. Learn your favourite song, then tap it out and imagine it's being performed by a cat choir!

This delightful app will set you back a very reasonable 59p.

Simon's Cat in 'Purrfect Pitch'

Simon's Cat, the YouTube-based animated phenomenon detailing one man's struggle with an attention-seeking (and always hungry) pet cat is now available in app-form.

Purrfect Pitch lets you record a simple tune using the on-screen keyboard, then have Simon's Cat perform it for you in his own inimitable style. There's also a memory game, where a tune will be played for you and you must correctly enter every note in turn. Diverting fun, but expect to pay £1.19 for the privilege.

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat!

You might have noticed many of these apps feature keyboards of some variety. That's no surprise when you consider the monumental impact of Keyboard Cat -- arguably the greatest Internet meme of all time. Now you can have Charlie Schmidt's incredible Cool Cat play you off whenever you need to make a quick exit. This app couldn't be simpler, and is 59p very well spent in our humble opinion.


We've saved the best for last -- CatPaint is quite simply the greatest cat-based iPhone app ever devised. In all honesty, it's a strong contender for greatest iPhone app of all time.

A fantastic idea flawlessly implemented, CatPaint lets you paste cats all over your precious photos. Once you've chosen an image (or taken one from within the app) just choose your cat from the pop-up menu, and spray as many of the blighters on to the image as you possibly can. Changing their size and orientation is easy thanks to a neat slider bar and some sneaky accelerometer action. Images can then be saved to your photo library, and treasured for years.

CatPaint is undoubtedly the greatest cat-based app out there, and at just 59p, you'd be a fool not to download this immediately. More importantly, it conclusively proves that every image ever made can be improved by the liberal addition of our feline friends.