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Best Buy's new market: coffee tables?

Going after designer furniture isn't a bad idea.

Best Buy

Finally fed up with needing half a dozen remotes just to watch TV, Crave recently splurged on one of those universal Harmony models that we kept hearing about, the kind that uses radio frequencies so it can work through walls like Superman. Just one problem--Best Buy wanted $400 for it. For a remote. So we promptly went home and found one on Amazon for half the price.

That's a long way to say why we think it's a good idea for Best Buy to be getting into home furnishings business. Let's face it: The big-box retailers simply can't compete on price alone and have to find other ways to survive. So even though it might seem a bit odd to see Best Buy teaming with an eco-friendly home designer like Maria Yee, it makes sense especially because no one has quite figured out how to display an LCD or plasma TV when it's not mounted on the wall. (The Italians notwithstanding.)

Does this mean Best Buy could soon be competing head to head with Levitz? Don't laugh. It's already doing that with Costco, after all, and Kmart already has Martha Stewart.