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Best Buy TVs now all digital

The nation's largest consumer electronics chain no longer sells analog TVs, ahead of the looming digital TV switch.

It's a lot harder to find an analog television at Best Buy these days. That's because as of the beginning of October, Best Buy stopped selling them, according to an Associated Press report. The largest consumer electronics chain in the U.S. will now only sell televisions with digital tuners.

It's not a huge surprise. The government-imposed digital television mandate is fast approaching. By Feb. 18, 2009, TV broadcasters will be required to broadcast only digital signals, and TVs with only analog tuners will be unable to pick up the new broadcasts. As part of the gradual step up to digital broadcasts, all new televisions larger than 13 inches shipped to retailers after March 1, 2007, need a digital tuner. Stores are allowed to sell any analog sets already in stock.

Best Buy deciding to sell only digital likely means it has shipped all or most of its analog inventory.