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Best Buy outs BlackBerry Bold release date?

Reports say the RIM BlackBerry Bold may be released around October 26 after its spotted in Best Buy's system.

RIM BlackBerry Bold RIM

Perhaps you're like me and starting to wonder if the RIM BlackBerry Bold is just a mythical creature like Bigfoot--spotted in the wild a number of times but yet to be captured, or in the Bold's case, released. The smartphone was announced way back in May for AT&T, but we have yet to hear about an actual availability date. Oh, and trust us, we've asked RIM numerous times for just a teeny tiny hint and have been met by the same answers: "this fall" or "very soon."

We do think the launch is close, but if you're looking for something a little more concrete, here's something to nibble on in the meantime. On Monday, the Boy Genius Report posted screen shots of what looks to be Best Buy's computer system, showing an in-stock date of October 26 for the Bold. BGR goes on to say that the smartphone will have a price of "around $600" (come again?) and will be released a week or two ahead of AT&T.

Again, this is all speculation so take it for what it's worth. Personally, I'm tired of waiting and have already moved on and set my sights on the RIM BlackBerry Storm. Anyone else?