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Best Buy Offers Time Limited Up To $100 iPhone Discount

Best Buy is offering it's Reward Zone members special pricing on the iPhone 3G now through February 28, 2009.

If you are a member of Best Buy's Reward Zone program you can save up to $100 on an iPhone 3G from Best Buy's mobile department until the end of this week. However, the full $100 discount is only offered to Premier Silver members of the program bringing down the cost of an 8GB iPhone 3G to $99.99 and $199.99 for the 16GB model. Members that are enrolled in the standard Reward Zone program can save $50 off either model.

These prices only apply to customers that were enrolled in the Reward Zone on or before February 21, 2009. The offer is limited to one iPhone 3G per customer and available only for in store purchases. This special offer ends on Saturday, February 28, 2009.

You can read more about the offer here and an FAQ about the Rewards Zone is available here.