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Best Buy offers thousands of LP records for sale online

The big box retailer offers more than 5,000 vinyl records online, although many are back-ordered.

Best Buy may be known for selling the latest in technology, but it seems the retailer hasn't forgotten about people who still love the old-school way of getting their music.

Recently I remembered that big-box retailer Best Buy had an exclusive on last year's long-awaited Guns 'n' Roses release, "Chinese Democracy," and that the release included vinyl. And I read last month that the chain is running a pilot program to stock vinyl in 100 stores. (Eight whole square feet!)

Best Buy

But until a friend pointed me to the site today, I had no idea that you could order more than 5,000 titles on vinyl from Best Buy's online store. Amazon's been offering vinyl for some time now, but its 190,000-plus results include a lot of used records and stock from third-party affiliates. Best Buy is actually selling these titles new and sealed in cellophane. Even though about half of them appear to be on back order, it's still great news for the small but growing minority of music fans who prefer listening to music the old-fashioned way.

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