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Best Buy employee gets dumped by lover, wins $30.5M

Sandeep "Sunny" Singh isn't having the best of times, until he lucks out with a $30.5 million Mega Millions check. But will he quit his job? What do you think?

Now he looks on the sunny side. CBS Boston Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

As Cher almost sang once: Do you believe in loot after love?

It's funny how the fates can bring a fetching closure to an unsuccessful relationship. Ask 22-year-old Best Buy employee Sandeep "Sunny" Singh from Hyannis, Mass.

It seems he wasn't quite so sunny when his girlfriend tossed him to other fish in the sea just two weeks ago.

And then, as CBS Boston reports, it was as if Best Buy's new Insignia Flex tablet suddenly outsold the iPad.

For Singh was rather chirping after winning $30.5 million in the lottery.

"Ahh, I'm like overwhelmed right now," he told CBS.

Ahh, I bet his ex is too. For instead of her running in to buy Singh's Mega Millions ticket, it was his sister. Who, one suspects, might be rewarded with a slight bonus for her trouble.

Singh did happen to mention his rather single status at the check-awarding ceremony. "No, no lucky girlfriend, just broke up with her, nice. Ha ha. Thank God!" was his obviously charitable view of his former lover.

That's the thing about those who do the dumping. Sometimes, their timing can be unfortunate. Sometimes the pleasure they take in the power they have dissipates like dust in the breeze.

You will be wondering whether Singh will continue to work at Best Buy (and at his other job in a bank). It appears not. He intends to give notice and perhaps study business. Perhaps he'll be able to help Best Buy with its financial challenges.

I wonder, too, whether his ex will call to see, you know, how he's doing. I wonder if he'll reply: "Oh, you know. Same old, same old. But I bought a new Galaxy S3. Want to buy my old one?"