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Best Buy employee asks for receipt, allegedly attacked

A 61-year-old Best Buy employee who asked a couple for their receipt as they left the store, is allegedly beaten to the ground.

Best Buy/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's a curious business when Best Buy employees ask you for your receipt as you leave the store.

But never so curious that you want to physically assault them.

However, as CBS St. Louis reports, at the Fairview Heights Best Buy in St. Louis, an altercation allegedly occurred when a 61-year-old employee asked a couple if he could inspect their receipt.

Latoya Thompson, 38, allegedly found the request somewhat offensive. The result was that she has been charged with disorderly conduct and her 39-year-old husband Hickey with felony aggravated battery, after the employee was allegedly beaten to the ground.

It's impossible to know what sort of conversation took place and why emotions may have become inflamed.

Thankfully, the employee was not seriously injured and was not hospitalized.

As John Lennon almost sang: So this is Christmas?