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Best Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi for less than $250

CNET rounds up the best standalone Blu-ray players available for less than $250.

Sony BDP-S570
Sony BDP-S570

Last year, if you wanted a Blu-ray player with built-in Wi-Fi you had to pay quite a bit for it, with players such as the LG BD390 costing nearly $400. This year, the big price premium is gone and Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi  typically cost less than $250. That's good news for anyone without Ethernet access in the living room who still wants to take advantage of streaming media services like Netflix. We've rounded up the best players we've tested thus far.

The Sony BDP-S570 and Samsung BD-C6500 are standout options. The Sony is the only model on this list that will eventually support 3D Blu-ray (via a firmware update this summer) and it also has the fastest operational speed of any Blu-ray player we've tested this year. Our major concern with the Sony is that its Netflix streaming image quality was considerably worse than that of other players. The Samsung BD-C6500 may lack 3D, but otherwise it's the most fully featured Blu-ray player we've tested at this price level.

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