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Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals on Star Wars toys, Nerf and other nerd gear

Star Wars Black Series toys? Check. Giant Nerf guns? Check. Nintendo-themed dog toys? Check, Amazon Prime Day goes big on collectibles.

Whether you're dressing up an office cubicle or annoying a non-nerdy spouse, there's never a bad reason to pick up some sweet collectible toys, and there are a few winners to be found at the Amazon Prime Day sale.

These Star Wars standouts are the highlights, but don't sleep on some of these Nerf deals, either. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

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This Lego Tie Fighter is a mere 630 pieces, including a few minifigs. So putting it together won't feel like a full-time job. It's normally $79, so this just shy of half off. 

Yes, Nerf has both Fortnite and Overwatch models, so you can fight out your which-game-is-best battles in real life, but safely. 

I've never heard of this before, but I'm very, very tempted to buy one. It floats a Millennium Falcon model above a base with magnets, and provides some contactless power transmission for cool light-up effect. 

Would you buy a 1,400-piece, $150 Millennium Falcon Lego set? Probably not. Would you buy one for half off? Yes, yes you would. Update: This is sold out for now, we'll see if it comes back later today.

If you're not going to make it to Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland any time soon, this high-end collectible is of similar quality and scale. Also great for HBO's Girls cosplay. There's a Luke Skywalker version, too, if you're into that kind of thing. Some of these are from third-party sellers, so watch out for shipping. 

I'm gonna be honest. I feel like I'm pretty up on my Star Wars general knowledge, but I have no idea who this character is. However, this set looks awesome, and the Black Series line of Star Wars toys never disappoints, especially at around 29% off.

You, a shopper: "I love this incredibly detailed 6-inch Black Series Han Solo, especially in his cool blue Bespin jacket."

Me, a nerd: "I know."

Why should humans have all the fun? Yes, they went there, with a dog toy shaped like a classic Nintendo gamepad, called the "Ko-Gnaw-Mi" controller. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you don't actually own a dog. 

Best Nerf deals: