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Best 24-inch monitors

With 16:10 aspect ratios, 24-inch monitors find themselves an increasingly endangered species these days; it's good to know which ones stand ahead of the pack.

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Monitors that are 24 inches with 16:10 aspect ratios are a dying breed. Their slow demise makes way for the new world order of 16:9.

While the 16:9 aspect ratio and the 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution more closely matches that of movies and mimics HDTVs, some users still find value in the extra screen real-estate afforded by 16:10-based, 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution.

As long as there is enough demand, 1200p monitors will continue to be made, but they're nowhere near as plentiful as say four years ago. With fewer to choose from than before, knowing which are the best is where I and this blog come in, could be very helpful.

Personally, I prefer 24-inch displays at 16:10, but the 16:9 aspect ratio makes 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution possible so it can't be all bad.

You may notice that I didn't include the HP DreamColor LP2480zx on the list. It's the best-performing 24-inch I've ever seen. Its price, unfortunately, puts it out of reach for the majority of users.

Given that, I've only included monitors on the list most average people could afford.

Monitor/HDTV combos usually look a lot like small HDTVs. I guess the HDTV gene is stronger. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung SyncMaster FX2480HD
This is still my favorite monitor/HDTV so far. Besides its great movie performance, I think what really appeals to me is that the FX2490HD feels like a miniaturized HDTV, from its connection layout to its chrome, four-pronged foot stand. Read the full review.

The i324 is a behemoth. Luckily, it has the performance to justify its price. Josh Miller/CNET

Lacie i324
The i324 is one of the best-performing IPS displays I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. Deliciously deep blacks and excellent color reproduction deliver picture quality second to only a scant few. Unfortunately, its price is a little steep for the features it offers.Read the full review.

Overly high expectations may have soured its initial reception, but the U2410 is a more than capable monitor. Josh Miller/CNET

Dell UltraSharp U2410
While it probably won't cure any diseases or align the planets, bringing about a "Bill and Ted"-like era of peace, the U2410 has tons of connections and a great price-to-performance ratio. If you find yourself disappointed at its less-than-messiah-like qualities, be sure to check out the accompanying video and know that others feel your pain as well.Read the full review.

The king of value! Also, great at taking depressingly sad rainy-day pictures. Josh Miller/CNET

Dell UltraSharp U2412m
When it comes down to it, it's the price. OK, it's not just the price. Great performance with plenty of ergonomic and OSD options make it an impressive deal for its price. If this thing were another $150, you wouldn't even be reading about it right now. Read the full review.

The Asus PA248Q: "Avengers "-approved. Josh Miller/CNET

Asus PA248Q
The best of all worlds: affordable price, impressive performance, and enough unique and useful features (like the grid overlay) to make its already easily digestible price go down that much smoother. Read the full review.

Looking for specs and pricing? Compare these monitors head-to-head.