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Bernie and Hillary debate juggling in 'Bad Lip Reading' video

Watch Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders argue about ashtrays, baldness and circus acts. The US presidential race is even livelier when the debates are filtered via YouTube series "Bad Lip Reading."

If presidential primary debates aren't entertaining enough for you, try the latest installment of the hilarious YouTube series "Bad Lip Reading" that zeroes in on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

In the video, published Thursday, faux voiceovers of Sanders and Clinton cover topics we wish they'd cover in real life like feet and baldness.

The best question of the evening comes from debate moderator Wolf Blitzer: "If I mixed lemonade and the contents of an ashtray that a French guy left at a Radisson, do you think that's something that Hillary could like to eat?"

The video, as with all the videos in the series, make it appear as if everyone is saying exactly what it looks like they're saying or, in the case of Sanders, singing.

Sanders belts out a tune with thought-provoking lyrics like these: "Why is it creepy to juggle in bed, when God gave us hands, and God gave us balls and God gave us beds?"

The video even shows what would happen if Sanders and Clinton were asked to show off their improv acting skills. Sanders' impression of "Timid Napoleon" is dead on.

If you'd like to watch more videos of politicians arguing silly topics, "Bad Lip Reading" covered earlier Democratic debates and Republican debates as well.