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BenQ's LED-based monitor aims at the king

Does the BenQ V2420H have what it takes to best the Samsung PX2370?

LED backlight? Check. Ultrathin panel? Check. Minimalist design? Check. Roger, ready to move out! Josh P. Miller/CNET

With the release of the Samsung PX2370, other monitor vendors can no longer rely on the novelty of an LED backlight. With the PX2370, Samsung proved (once again) that it's possible to manufacture a legitimately great-performing LED-based monitor with a thin profile.

Other vendors are still playing catch-up, unfortunately. We've seen many new LED releases over the past several months, but none have come close to matching Samsung's offerings. This week, we take a look at BenQ's V2420H, a new LED-based monitor that follows all the expected tropes: a thin panel, sleek design, minimalist interface.

Does the V2420H have what it takes to dethrone Samsung, though? Find out in our full review.

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