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BenQ EW2420 gets away with low price (review)

The BenQ EW2420, with its LED backlight and AMVA panel, gets thoroughly reviewed.

The EW2420's price may be its biggest selling point. Josh P. Miller

The BenQ EW2420 is the first monitor I've reviewed to feature the rare combination of an LED backlight and an AMVA (Advanced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment) panel.

Since I was made privy to the monitor's existence, I've been very curious as to what kind of performance I'd be seeing.

AMVA-based monitors purportedly feature higher contrast ratios than even other MVA monitor types. I knew that going into the review, but I wasn't prepared for exactly how high.

Thanks to its incredibly low black level, which averaged at about 0.04 candelas per square meters, we saw a static contrast ratio of over 4,000:1. Compare this with the Samsung PX2370 with its 948:1 and you can begin to feel the power of that difference.

This didn't translate into perfect performance, however, as I detail in the full review.

Still, as it's available for around $250, it's hard to be too disappointed by anything the EW2420 gets wrong; although, I do my best to find a way.

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