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BenQ, Diino MyPix and Flickr: Photo storage update

BenQ is offering 25GB of free storage to owners of its cameras through online service Diino, while MyPix is offering discounts and Flickr has a new uploader on the horizon

If you've tracked down a BenQ camera, such as the DC C1050 or DC E1000, any time in the last year you can claim a free 25GB online storage account at All you have to do is enter your BenQ camera's serial number while signing up for a Diino account. You can then share, publish and backup with four month's free storage.

Diino is different to photo-only sites such as Flickr or Photobox, as it allows you to store various types of data. Web access to backup files, encrypted FTP file sharing, email and a blog with mobile access are all available. Diino enables you to store music files online and share with a 'stream-only' option that defeats copyright infringement. So you can stream from your home PC or Mac to any other computer or mobile device.

All this is utilised via drag-and-drop through your browser without having to install any software. The offer is open to anyone who has purchased a BenQ camera since 1 January 2007, and will run until 1 December 2008.

In other photo-storage news, MyPix is offering a 15 per cent discount for a purchase of three identical books of your pictures, and 30 per cent off five identical books. As this is a permanent offer, we feel obliged to point out that that isn't technically a discount, it's just the price. But we digress.

Elsewhere, Flickr has begun beta testing of a new uploader, with a number of new features. Uploader 3.0 allows you to select and re-order any number of photos and offers the option to set titles, tags, descriptions, sets and privacy data. -Rich Trenholm