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BenQ business monitor houses VA panel

At CES, BenQ introduces the BL series of business monitors in the 19-, 22-, and 24-inch varieties.

The BL2400 uses a VA panel; definitely the most exciting feature, for me at least. BenQ

LAS VEGAS--Business monitor announcements are never very exciting, but to its credit, BenQ does its best with this one.

BenQ introduced today its BL series of monitors. Targeted toward business users, the monitor will come in 19-, 22-, and 24-inch sizes.

The monitor will feature what BenQ is calling the Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor, which I'm guessing translates to ambient light sensor, but I can't be 100 percent sure on that.

It also includes an "ultra-flexible" adjustable height stand, which, you know, makes me really curious as to just what that means. A 1920x1080-pixel resolution and Vertical Alignment (VA) panel round out its basic specs.

Another quirky feature is an around-the-clock "Smart Reminder," which, according to BenQ, "alerts users when it's time to follow the doctor-recommended 20/20/20 Rule for better eye health, relaxation, and focus." Insane.

Finally, an Eco Sensor will automatically detect when the person has left and instantly switch the display to eco mode.

The BL2400 BU (24 inch) costs $529, while the BL2200 BU (22 inch) comes in at $329. No details yet on the price of the 19-inch version.