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Benchmark deepens its open-source portfolio with $12 million Pentaho investment

Benchmark keeps investing in open source. These guys can't be stopped...or topped.

If there was an open question as to which venture capital firm is the king of open source, Benchmark just settled that question with its most recent investment in Pentaho, a leading open-source Business Intelligence company. Not surprisingly, Peter Fenton is behind the deal.

Pentaho competes with other open-source BI companies like JasperSoft and Actuate (and I suppose Greenplum, too, in a way), but the more interesting competition is the big proprietary vendors (Business Objects, Cognos, etc.) and the net new opportunities bringing BI to the masses.

It will be intriguing to see how this investment pans out for Benchmark. The firm has so many eggs in the open-source basket that it will either (continue to) win big (Red Hat, Zimbra, MySQL, etc.), or lose big. My bet is on the former outcome.